Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls also come from freshwater mussels. Unlike saltwater or Akoya pearls, which form in oysters in a saltwater environment. For both types of pearls the process is the same, likewise a small irritant in the flesh of the creature prompts secretions. Finally result in a spherical, glistening pearl.

Freshwater pearl strands are now so affordable that even very young girls can be gifted. An exquisite strand of high quality pearls strung in a neckless can be added to and restrung as the girl grows into a woman. Every dance, recital, birthday and graduation can be an occasion to add to the necklace. As a result, making it a treasure. More info about Freshwater Pearls Click here. Beadman.


History of Balinese or Bali Silver. Balinese Silverwork is also part of an ancient tradition. The art of metal work arrived in Indonesia in the Bronze Age from Southern Chinese and Southeast Asian areas. Bronze drums, dated from as early as the fifth century BC, have been found throughout the archipelago, and some of them are believed to have been cast in Bali.

Our Bali beads are authentic and handmade by artists in Bali, Indonesia using genuine 925 sterling silver. Many techniques and patterns have been passed down from generation to generation. Also new elements continue to be added as the modern Bali artists hone their skills. To create a piece, the artist applies granulation (silver dots) and wires in detailed patterns that are further enhanced by an oxidation process. You’ll also love adding these high-quality hand-crafted treasures to your jewelry designs. Find spacers and focal beads, all displaying a versatile silver glow and unmistakable Bali style.